Janet Saunders


Hi, I'm Janet Saunders, consultant at Userwyse. I have a background in social sciences, ergonomics, software development, and HCI, with over 15 years experience in usability of applications, apps, web-sites and intranets.

I also spent three years as a business analyst doing user needs analysis and process improvement.

My core skills are in user research, user experience, usability testing and information design - with plenty of complementary experience. Recently I've been applying and extending these skills into new areas, such as sustainable transport, inclusive design and smart mobility. More about recent projects on linked-in

A focus on people, context, and the user experience

Janet has a background in sociology and a PhD in social science (social history). She joined the IT industry with IBM, first as a software developer, then moving into usability - to focus on the people using the software. Following an MSc in Ergonomics she moved into mainly freelance working through Userwyse.

Janet has extensive consulting skills gained in over 15 years in the usability field. As an ergonomist, her approach goes beyond the user interface to consider the context - the users' immediate environment, their goals as customer or employee and the needs of the organization itself.

User research and sustainable transport projects

In recent projects Janet has been part of a team at Coventry University, as Research Fellow in smart mobility and sustainable transport. She took part in the EU funded 'SUITS' project to build capacity of Local Authorities in providing sustainable transport solutions, and also the 'TInnGO' project (Transport Innovation Gender Observatory) about inclusivity and gender-smart mobility. Both projects involved user research, design research, and many other activities across multiple stakeholders.

Prior to this, she researched Ethics processes for a Living Lab (DDRI project) and was also lead researcher on the ErgoWork project, involving knowledge trasfer to improve workplace inclusion for people with disabilities.

Core usability expertise

  • User research methods
  • User experience testing
  • User centred design
  • Information design: personas, journey flows, sitemaps
  • Member of UXPA, BCS HCI Group, CIEHF

Janet has published five papers in the field of user interface design and usability and co-ordinated and facilitated several high-profile conference seminars on user-centred design topics.

Expertise on these projects

  • research interviews
  • inclusive design research and advice
  • usability advice for project tools and outputs
  • online surveys
  • co-creation workshops
  • evaluating organisational change
  • creating the 'EAASI' evaluation tool for smart mobility products

Janet is co-author on many publications from these projects including co-editor of a book, 'Capacity Building in Local Authorities for Sustainable Transport Planning'.

janet on linked-in